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Rape is unlawfully using physical violence to force a person to have sex.

Rape in whichever form it occurs is WRONG.

When a Rape occurs,physical force is applied—Men are known/believed to be the stronger sex and it is almost impossible for a woman to get physical with a man and win that fight.

Is it possible for a man to be Raped`?
When sex is being forcefully taken,the fear factor kills the Joy of sex….If a man is being Raped.how does he get the hard on?Where does it come from?

If ten women put a gun to a mans head and forces him to have sex….How on earth does he get raped?
His libido shoots up,sends a signal to his body and his manhood becomes erect…..how is that Rape?

A horse can be forced to the stream but you cannot force it to drink water.
A man can be forced to undress at gun point but how does one force him to have sex??

In a local case here,a man has taken his friend to court and alleges she Raped him.The defence lawyer asked him if he had an orgasm during the supposed rape and he said ”YES”-
How can someone being Raped have an orgasm?

Can a man be Raped?
If you find your way to this post and you are a man who has being raped,please tell us your story.