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Chris Brown & Karrauche

I really can’t help but ask…are we ever gonna see/hear the last about these celebrity couple’s relationship issues? One miunte they are together and all seem fine, the next minute, things are falling apart cos the center can’t hold.

Chris Brown celebrated his 24th birthday on Friday night at the Emerson nightclub in LA on Friday night. His birthday which is actually on the 5th of May was graced by close friends and his ex..Karrauche Tran who was dressed to impress in a black mini dress and white frilly boots

Her presence, of course, sparked speculations that Chris and Rihanna have split…again!

If you ask me, I’ll say that Karrauche seem to be contented with just waiting on the sideline for any small opening …..lol, but the BIGGER question is…is this how she wants to live her life…being the ”other” lady?