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beachWas at home yesterday when I got a call from one of my crazy friends inviting me to a time-out at Tarkwa Bay Beach. Initially I was reluctant to go with her as I would love to spend my Sunday the very way I know how – Go to church, cook on my arrival and then spend the rest of the day blogging, watching movies and of course, sleeping. But the crazy girl just didn’t let me have my way, so I found myself throwing ‘fun/beach’ cloths on and dashing out of the house with her.

The first thing that caught my interest was the fact that we had to get to the beach on a speed boat as the beach turned out to be an island. I must confess right now that I had never been on a boat ride and couldn’t wait to get on one…though I was also secretly praying I don’t get sea sick. While getting on the boat, we met an artiste who turned out to be a native of the Island, we all got talking and dude instantly promised giving we ‘strangers’ a grand tour of the Island.

The boat ride was everything and even more than I hoped it will. Loved the feel of the sea breeze on my sick, the feel of the water on my face, the taste of the salty sea water on my tongue, the lovely view of life from the sea…I can go on and on…and I just loved it all…and the fear of getting sea sick suddenly was off my mind as all I could think of was just enjoying the moment.

We started our tour of the Island at the village and believe me, it was lovely. The whole Island is covered with white sand and I just couldn’t help but take off my shoe and feel the hot sand against my feet. I thought the village was more than I could take till we found ourselves at the beach which simply took my breadth away. I know I can’t swim, but the magical sight of the beach…most especially the sea called out to me and I couldn’t help but yield to the call. I spent hours just sitting inside the sea, enjoying the feel of the cool water against my entire skin…it was too irresistible and when I was able to drag myself out of the water, I went playing beach football with my friend, our guide and some people we met at the beach and before I could say jack, it was time to go, but hey…trust me, I didn’t leave without taking another time to get into the water, sit there and just enjoy it.

The ride back was also great, but I just kept feeling sad for having to leave at all, but hey, I promise to visit there more often and even explore other places now cos it’s more fun spending Sundays that way than just being cooked up in the house…now you all know why you didn’t get a post from me yesterday…and please feel free to share your critisms and  fun ways you spend your weekends. *wink*