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KICK OFF (cont)

On the lady’s part she did not manage her own situation very well because she had every opportunity of keeping her home. From what was said about her from the husband, he knew she clubs and drinks before he made the decision to marry her that was why he endured all her shortcomings until that unfaithful day’s outburst, but the truth of the matter is that she took her marriage for granted and allowed complacency set in.

Mario Balotelli

Yes she is married with three kids but that is not a grantee for misbehavior instead it’s a time you become considerate more on the kids and help build their future which automatically earns you an unshaken love from your husband. He works so hard to earn a living for the home all you need to do is help him channel his resources to the welfare of his kids and reciprocally he channels his unwavering love to you.

Like in football Mario Balotelli could be that kind of woman, remember recently he had a serious shouting match with his coach Roberto Mancini and was only pulled apart by teammates before it got nasty but he and his coach have always maintained that they have a healthy relationship maybe because they are both Italians or just have the same strong mentality. Mario Balotelli is not one you can mess around with and doesn’t care what people think about him, he fought teammates, destroyed his bathroom with fireworks, uses a camouflage Bentley, and in all his season in English football had just one assist for teammates, while he scored 16 goals in his most success season in England maybe that goes to show you the kind of guy he is, he doesn’t give a damn about team work and a lot of times have let his teammates down by receiving unnecessary red card in matches.

I recall a particular game Manchester City against Sunderland in the 2011/2012 season he got into a serious argument with his teammate Alexander Kolarov on who should take a free kick and had to be pulled away by his club captain Vincent Kompany before they threw punches at each other. While some neutrals see his presence in the premiership as entertaining his club management was having none of it, so in January of the 2012/2013 season he was shipped out to Ac Milan where he has since made an impressive start scoring 4goals in 4competitive matches. So like that woman who got complacent and lost the husband’s trust and value place on her, Mario Balotelli lost the confidence of the money bags of Eastland’s that paid a lot of money for him to come to England from Italy. On this note let’s look at our next topic team play.

(Still more to come…watch out!)

Ezeali Issac Chijioke

Ezeali Issac Chijioke

Written by Ezeali Isaac Chijioke- A creative writer and seasoned sport analyst, who finds pleasure in talking sports objectively. You can watch him on Sports Bit on Super Screen Television or read his creative write ups here on jennyspot. Follow the author on facebook and on twitter.