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mfKICK OFF (cont)

In football the coaches are like husbands, the players are the wives, while the children are trophies of a well-deserved season. The coach builds the team by his imagination; he determines what the team looks like, his relationship with the players is vital, and he takes responsibilities for the team’s failure and success. So who is the coach in your marriage? Hope you know your role and play it well. Some women play a great role in complimenting their husbands in times of difficulty.


I know a couple who live so happy in the face of untold difficulty with their five children since the husband lost his job twelve years ago but the woman provides for the home while the man struggles to find his feet again. The beauty of this couples story is that the woman always made the children believe it is their father that is providing for their needs. This behavior strengthens their marriage and increases the children respect and loyalty towards them. In football, when a coach is under pressure to perform it is the players that rise to the occasion and when they win it is the coach that is honoured as a hero. A perfect example is the super Eagles coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi, a man that was in so much pressure to deliver by his employer’s, a clause was even inserted into his contract demanding a semifinal qualification at the 29th African cup of nations in south Africa or risk a sack. There were reports in the media that his employers even threatened to send him home during the competition and booked a flight in advance for the team back to Nigeria on the same night they played Ivory Coast which the employers have since debunked but the reality of the story is that the coach wasn’t given the full support by his employers, he was owed salaries and the news of a white coach coming to take over was headline news in major media houses yet Keshi stayed strong and surpassed all expectations because his players decided to play for him, the players shared his emotion and believed in him, that synergy transmitted to the fans and today Keshi and his team are African champions.


So the role of the woman is vital in a marriage, it can either strengthen the couples union or destroy it to a point of no return. Recently, where I live a couple had a shouting match, threw a few punches at each other while neighbour’s gathered and tried to end the disgraceful show of shame. I know you must be saying now to yourself “that is how all this face me I slap you people use to behave all the time” but my friends this couple stayed in a duplex and have three kids while the husband travels abroad every time. Holy Moses you’d say, so what caused the fight: The man grew tired of the lazy wife attitude complaining that she hardly takes care of the kids; she drinks, clubs, smokes and has a tattoo. He said “my wife can’t cook, I have to pay house helps to do our cooking, wash dashes, cloths, and take the kids to school”, he continues” the last time I was in China, I learnt that she invites men into my home, she hardly ever goes to church and worst of all she is 8years older than me yet she acts like a baby”.

Shocking you’d say so I felt too but my investigation revealed that 95% of what the man said was true because the house help and the lady’s younger sister confirmed to me that most of the things said by husband was right especially the woman being very lazy and a club queen but the question is was it enough for the man to say that much publicly? NO, NO, NO! but I understand his pain, he must have swallowed a lot of insults from a drunk wife, putting up with the pain of defending the reason he married a woman older than him with friends and family, the part of bringing men home could’ve been exaggerated but because she clubs, drink, and smoke makes it harder to disbelieve.

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Ezeali Issac Chijioke

Ezeali Issac Chijioke 

Written by Ezeali Isaac Chijioke- A creative writer and seasoned sport analyst, who finds pleasure in talking sports objectively. You can watch him on Sports Bit on Super Screen Television or read his creative write ups here on jennyspot. Follow the author on facebook and on twitter.