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Most single guys are reluctant to settle down due to many reasons. Some of which I shall break down…

1. Freedom: Most guys feel that once they get married, they won’t have the freedom to mingle with other girls. since their wives will always be monitoring them or be with them most of the time. and any attempt they make to flirt or have a harmless chat with a girl will always be frown at or misinterpreted by their spouse.
2. Makes Life Boring: To some, life could become boring once they get married. since they are bound to change their lifestyle because of their wife or new status. whether they like it or not, their lifestyle would change. it could be due to economic reasons (since he’s now a family man) or his wife is not the going out type. the man would be turned into an indoor man outrightly. cos any move he makes to go out alone on weekends, could be seen by his wife as an opportunity to cheat on her. and as a result his social life becomes zero.

3. More Responsibilities: As a single man, he can afford to live on his small salary or manage his finances well. but with the coming of a wife and the kids later, this is bound to make him think twice before venturing into marriage. he knows his pay check is nothing to write home about, he’s not from a rich family that could support him, or has any other business venture to use in sustaining his family, he might be discourage from getting married until he’s comfortable enough.

4. Fear: Some guys are simply afraid to take the plunge. they feel they are not ready yet or equipped to be a married man/father.they’re not ready to have kids or have some kind of responsibilities thrown at them by a woman/kids. they dont want to change or have someone come into their life and make them adjust their life for her sake. they want to hang out with friends at the bar, watch soccer matches with their pals, leave their clothes anywhere they like, come home anytime they like, date as many girls as they want. they want to be flexible. they feel marriage makes a man rigid and less exciting. though some may claim marriage makes a man responsible. but there’re guys who feel marriage takes the excitement out of life. being single to them is more exciting than being married. and as a result, they prefer to linger in it for as long as they want.

5. Greed: surprisingly we also have guys who are reluctant to settle down as a result of greed. they feel the woman is only coming to eat their money and food. they see women generally as a burden. and are not ready to take such burden. this category of guys are those ones that are stingy to their girlfriends. they hid their money from their girlfriends or pretend as if they dont have. they only give a girl money whenever
they want to sleep with her. these ones patronize LovePeddlers alot. they enjoy being single and living alone. They simply dont want to share their comfort/money with any woman.

These are some of the reasons I know of. But if you know of any other one, feel free to add it to the ones I’ve mentioned.