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In football, the season starts off with a 90minutes match, officiated by a referee, two assistants referred to as linesmen, and a fourth official who is in charge of signaling extra time and also to replace the referee in case of injury or absence. The match itself is played by two teams with eleven players on each side with three substitutions allowed each while the home and away fans cheer away in the stands. In marriage, the kickoff is referred to as the “happy hour” because you don’t need 22players with a referee and assistants to have a good game. All you need a quality king size bed maybe music if you like because sometimes your screams maybe louder than that of some forty thousand fans. Guess I have got some married people down memory lane, perhaps single people may wonder how special the marriage kickoff is, here is a clue, you may never know until you are married and for the right reasons too. So, step up your scouting skills and get yourself a Messi or Ronaldo then the world will truly be at your feet.

Mercy Akide

A physically beautiful wife with the right curves and sweet complexion puts a huge smile on the husbands face publicly even if they had fought the night before a morning function but that’s not all the qualities you should look out for in a woman because character makes a woman more pretty than her physical state. Falcons star Perpetual Nwaokocha Nigeria’s female football legend is never the prettiest but her industry on the field of play gives joy to the hearts of many, her colleague Mercy Akide also Nigeria’s female football legend married to a respected sports journalist Mr Colin Udoh is a great woman who looks after her family even with her tight schedules and busy work load yet Burkina faso’s striker Mr “ugly”Bance may be finer than her. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the type of wife we want. Now answer these questions: What type of woman do I want for a wife? How do I want my wife to look? How do I want my wife to relate with me? Can I be responsible enough for her? While you ponder on that, I’ll love to tell you that the answers are right before you. Your type of woman must match your principles and background, the way she looks must be a reflection of you but be careful not to be insensitive to her needs, communications is always the most important part of couple’s relationship because it enhances understanding and believe, and her counting on you gives her a sense of security.

Theo Walcott & wife

Theo Walcott & girlfriend

In football the prettiest footballers are not always the most successful, I know clubs don’t sign players because of how handsome they are but for their footballing abilities, some of you will want to ask “so why do most girls support Arsenal?” maybe it’s because of the way the name sounds or perhaps because of Theo Walcott, yes he is handsome but yet to win anything with the gunners in 8years hope he does win something soon because fourth place finish on the EPL log and some man of the match awards are not good enough to show when his career ends, no wonder Robin Van Persie jumped ship to Manchester United. Swedish born Zlatan Ibrahimovic who plays club football for French side Paris Saint German was once regarded as the world’s sexiest footballer and has had a decent football career but yet to win the Uefa champions league. David Beckham at 37years moved to PSG not because of his overwhelming football skills but for the revenue his face will bring to the club, no disrespect to one of my favourite free kick takers and a Manchester United legend. Argentine’s Lionel Messi is not the most handsome of all but has won almost everything in world football: 4 times world player of the year, U20 world, the Olympic football gold, 301 carreer goals for Fc Barcelona(still counting), 5La liga titles, 2 Copa del Rey, 5 Supercopas de Espana, 3Champions League, 2 Super cup, 2 world club cups, and the first player to score five goals in one march achieving the feat in a 7-1 win over Bayern Leverkusen but he has never won the senior world cup which he may still win considering his still 25years old.

Didder Drogba & wife

Didder Drogba & wife

Also Ivory Coast International Didier Drogba has won a lot of honours for teams he played for yet I imagine his face and body frame scare children at night. I am not trying to tell you to avoid marrying a physically pretty girl because character is all that matters NO my friends, if beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder then no couple will feel undervalued and like the holy book puts it “he that find a wife finds a good thing” so she must first be found then treasured. Mariam Anazoda a TV presenter with the Nigerian television authority is married to Mr. Charles Anazodo of super sports, a beautiful woman that will make any man wish he had a sweetheart like that because she is cheerful, intelligent, and down to earth. Late Bimbo Odunkoya was a house hold name and a voice to singles and married, a picture of the ideal wife and a gorgeous woman blessed with a husband Pastor Taiwo Odunkoya whose life style is exemplary. You see that beautiful people can have great characters too. One of the most handsome footballers in today’s football is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and he makes his team win, check out his honours; world player of the year 2008, runner up in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012, 1 English FA cup, 1 Uefa Champions League, 1 world club cup,3 community shield, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 league cup, 3 premier league title and 1 La liga crown yet he is the first to report to training and the last to leave, great work ethic from the most expensive footballer in the world.

These examples just show you that it’s not about the pretty or ugly face it’s about the character and will to make it work. Remember at the beginning of this journey we talked about love not being just a feeling but a decision so a good wife makes a quality home which is not a function of whether she is beautiful or ugly physically, not even about her career or job, but about her willingness to submit in humility to the husband.

(Still more to come…watch out)

Ezeali Issac Chijioke

Ezeali Isaac Chijioke  

Written by Ezeali Isaac Chijioke- A creative writer and seasoned sport analyst, who finds pleasure in talking sports objectively. You can watch him on Sports Bit on Super Screen Television or read his creative write ups here on jennyspot. Follow the author on facebook and on twitter.