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Three years ago I met this lady in a bus while going to work. She looked so innocent and beautiful and on getting to know her, she told me a lot of personal things about her and her family…making me believe she was unexposed. As we continued in the relationship, I discovered that she only loves me when she feels she is in need of money and once I give it to her she will turn her back and on me. She called me about a week ago asking me to change her Curve 2 to Torch which I did, just yesterday she told me she is tired of using Torch that I should get her Bold 5, I tried to talk some sense into her but she wouldn’t listen. She even told me I should not call or ping her until I buy the Bold 5.

Please what should I do ? Should I get her the Bold5.  The most painful aspect of it is that since we began dating, we have not been intimate. Should I just let her go like that?