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Before I put up this post, I want to start off by first spelling out my apology to you all for being away from you guys for some days now…am deeply sorry and I sincerely pray it doesn’t happen again. Having said that, let’s then go ahead to put up this post, it’s the first of it’s kind on this blog and am seriously hoping you enjoy it and talk about it via comments to let me know if we are gonna continue with such post…or not. So, here it goes:

The love and relationship series on KNB – Love, Lust and Money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I.)
We hope to address several issues relating to Relationships, Sex, How to Satisfy your Partner (be it husband, boyfriend, partner or whatever.) There are various taboos even in modern day Nigeria; people don’t want to talk about… So we want to put it out for you the readers!
Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I) – Part 1.
….. Damn not again! Why can’t I simply one day, experience all I’ve read in novels and what my friends keep talking about?
Another one has come, gone and I’ve had to fake it again! This is frustrating’ ‘Are you okay baby’ asked Niyi, ‘I’m fine’, i said with a fake smile.
Oh, sorry you are probably wondering what I’m talking about right?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Joke, I’m 25yrs old and my current boyfriend is niyi and we’ve been dating for roughly 7months and in all that time I’ve never climax in that whole period, or let truth be told, in my 5yrs of having sexual intercourse; I’ve never climax!
Oh… oh, you are probably feeling sorry 4 me, I know; I feel sorry for myself too. Because of this ever present depriving, sometimes, I feel like something is wrong with me.
But i know nothing is wrong with me, there’s this sensation deep down at the apex of my legs…, that I know its there, just that NO one has reached it yet!
‘Babe you are the best, seriously your body is so soft i can be inside of you forever! “I thought in my heart, GOD forbid bad thing” but i said ‘… yes baby… Yes. You are the best too’, i said, he kissed me and rolled off me and went for the bathroom to clean up.
I stood up and started putting myself together, picked up the condom wrapper we had used, threw it in d bin and straighten up my bed.
Niyi came out of the shower and held me from the behind. I turned around in his arms, wrapped my arms around his neck and kiss him gently on his lips before going full french on him.
‘Jokes’ baby, I’ve got to be in Ghana tomorrow evening, ill be back in two weeks, would you like to join me? He asked, oh baby i wish i could but i can’t be gone for 2 weeks right now, I’ve got some pressing stuff to attend which can’t wait, but I’ll be there in spirit you baby, you know? i said and kiss him all over again.
‘You just don’t like going anywhere with me, i want to show you the world baby, let me, ooo Pls let me. I thought in my heart, what’s the point? But i said that’s not it babe its work but come December I’ll take leave from work and we can go anywhere you want, ok boo? ‘He said ‘yes babes, ill hold you to it ooo; you berra not f**k up come December or else…, ill kidnap you!
‘Yes boss, i saluted, we both laughed and hugged, he dropped
his arms around me and went for his briefcase, brought out two bundle of 500 naira notes and gave it to me, ‘take this babe,i hope its will take you through two weeks?
‘You will spoil me rotten, of course it’s more than enough, thanks baby’ i said with a genuine smile and hugged him even tighter.
How i wish he could makes me this happy on bed too… Hmmm that would be nice.
I took his briefcase in my right hand and held his right hand in my left and led him out to his car, i open d the door with the remote, dropped the briefcase in the back seat and came to the driver’s side where he sat behind the wheel.
‘Babes, pls take care of yourself for me ooo, and don’t do what i won’t do, i love you and I’m gonna miss you dearly’, he said, i smiled and said ‘same here baby boo, will miss u too, I’ll be a good girl I promise!
You better be a good boy too’, ‘i will. What should i bring for you from Ghana’, he asked, ‘anything you think your baby deserves’, i replied; we kissed.
He started the engine and drove off waving and blowing me a kiss; i reciprocated and waved till his car disappeared.
Went back into the house, straight to my room, took the money from the bed and headed for the living room while counting it as i was walked, i sat down and turn on the tv, couldn’t find any programme that caught my interest.
Dropped the money on the stood beside me and i drifted into my thoughts, i remember the time i tried to tell Niyi that i don’t climax when we make love, oh boy! It was a bad day!
‘What are you trying to say, that I’m not good in bed, what do you mean? If you are not cumming it means you don’t love me or something must be wrong with you because none of my previous lovers has ever complained!
Is my dick not big enough or i don’t spend enough time on you? ‘i didn’t know what to say so i lied, ‘baby, take it easy, I didn’t mean.. That way.. i don’t cum, i meant to say i didn’t cum from the sex we just had, i just want you to f**k me again! He smiled and said ok baby, you know i love your down below.
“joke, joke. joke, what are you thinking about that you didn’t hear me entered! ‘That’s my best friend and flatmate, Tola talking, ‘how far babes, sowapa?
‘I asked, ‘I’m fine, you are not looking good, kilode?’ She replied. ‘Niyi just left’,i said, ‘i see, another cum less session abi?
Pele ore mi’ she said raising an eyebrow. You see, I’ve kept no secret from my friend, she knows everything about me, ‘i don tell you make you leave this guy, there are plenty sexy guys out there who can give it to you well, well and make you cum pieces.
Babe yi jara e jor! ‘She poured out, ‘Tola, i love Niyi, besides, he’s rich and he really care for me; if u don’t forget he’s my eighth boyfriend and none of them can make me cum yet, its me not them jare’! i said.
‘Hmmm you are right girl’, she said and drifted off into thoughts. ‘Joke, do you trust me? ‘My friend asked, ‘yes dear’ i replied,’ and i trust and love you too, please let me help you’.
‘What? OMG!! How can i not notice my best friend is bisexual all these years I’ve know her? She burst out laughing, ‘common Joke, don’t tell me you are thinking I’m Bi?
No that’s not how i want to help you’, i relaxed, thank GOD.. I thought to myself. ‘So how? i asked.
‘Let kunle f**k you’ my eyes almost bulged out of there socket and my mouth dropped to my jaw! Which kunle are we talking about?
You don’t mean your boyfriend kunle? Or is there any other kunle i don’t know about?’ i asked confused, ‘calm down, just hear me out first, ok, i said, you see, I’ve not told you this before, but i had the same problem as yourself until i met kunle, men that guy knows the anatomy of the woman body.
Please let him f**k you, if he sleeps with you and you still don’t climax, then we’ll know something is truly wrong with you’ she pleaded.
I was just staring at her, ‘common say something sweets’, i swallowed and lick my lips because suddenly my lips and throat were dry, ‘but kunle is ur boyfriend, how can i have sex with your man and how are you going to confuse or should I say convince kunle to this crazy idea of yours if i say yes?’ i asked?
fiyen le fun emi, I’ll deal with kunle, just agree to it first’, she pressed on, don’t you love him, i mean he’s your boyfriend? Isn’t he? for God sake! i said, ‘bf my foot!
I don’t love him, I’m just keeping him for the good love making, besides the dude has two other girls i know of so what’s the big deal and you self know say i wan break up with am sef, so let him help my friend out before i dispose of him.
You know I’ll do anything for you now’, she said, i thought about it, though what she’s proposing is crazy but darm, i have to cum soon, i need to experience an orgasm, i cant continue like this, ‘oh ok’, i whispered!
She hugged me tight and said ‘you wont regret this i promise sweets’,’i hope so’,i replied [to be continued]
In Part 1 of Love, Lust and money! (My friend, Her boyfriend and I):
We’ve learnt?
Joke has told of us of her rather somewhat situation of not being able to reach the height of sensual satisfaction.
In 5 years of her having sexual intercourse; she’s had 8 partners. None of them have been able to help.
Tola her best friend, wants her to think out of the box; be more adventurous…dump her bf Niyi and get someone else to give her the thrill of womanhood.
So what’s your take on Joke’s problem? What do you think her actions would be? Watch out for the next part.