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In football the transfer window is a time when scouted players move to interested clubsides and it is in two phases that is, during the January window and the June to August window while in a relationship it is referred to as the toasting period when the guy finally ask the girl out after months of observing but here the window is always open except when she is married.


Recently, Newcastle united (England) agreed a deal to sign Loic Remy from Olympic Marseille (France) after months of intensive scouting and weeks of negotiation, everyone seemed happy, media houses have reported the deal while football pundits were already looking forward to how he’ll fit into Newcastle’s playing pattern whether in a 4-4-2 formation to partner Cisse the Senegalese international or in a 4-5-1 formation as a lone striker but this was quashed when Queens park rangers (England) matched Newcastle’s offer, also, with a better personal fee for Remy and on Wednesday 16th of January 2013 he was unveiled as a Queens park rangers player. Now, in a relationship, sometimes a girl is turn between two lovely guys whom she likes and respects equally and during the cause of negotiation or toasting she may have the luxury of going out with both of them at separate times and their playing pattern may just swing it for one of the guys. Here is what I mean, one guy may play the 4-4-2 formation where he always hang out with his friends and sometimes it interferes with the couples quiet time while the other guy goes with the 4-5-1 formation which is sometimes seen as ultra-defensive but very effective just ask Chelsea under Roberto Di Matteo how crucial it was in helping them to win for the first time ever the Uefa Champions league 2012 then you’ll know what I mean. Playing solo up front can help win the lady’s heart especially if she is the very private type.


Roberto Di Matteo & wife

Again, some lady’s don’t need the hassles of flirting with two guys before choosing her dream guy. Sometimes she just wait for the guy to say the right words before she commits herself because even before the guy started his scouting mission her answer has always been a big YES! She allows the rumours grow about her being so beautiful yet single or claims of her waiting for the right time or taking a break from all the relationship stress. Talking about taking breaks, Pep Guadiola took a break at the summer of 2012 from coaching after he had led an incredible Fc Barcelona side with arguably the greatest football player of this generation Lionel Messi aka Baba kekere, to 14 trophies in four years. Pep’s feat was achieved beating the finest teams in world football (Manchester united, Arsenal, Ac Milan, Real Madrid, Valencia, Santos etc.) and great managers like Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Arsenal Wenger etc. This made him the most sort after manager in the world and like that girl whom already knew her man but awaits his words, Guadiola allowed the media rumour of him moving to some of the richest teams in the world (Anhzi, Manchester city, Paris Saint German) and news of him replacing great coaches like Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United), Arsene Wenger aka Baba Ijebu (Arsenal) or even a return to Barcelona. But as the media debate where Guadiola may likely end up, only a few guessed it was Bayern Munich. Bayern announced on their website that they have agreed a deal that will see Pep Guadiola coach their team for the next three years. And just like a girl that know where she’s headed but kept calm until the right words came, his agent confirmed the deal was struck around December 20, 2012 while Bayern announced it in January 2013, so people can be wrong in their speculation about you sometimes, just keep calm and focus especially because “Oluwa is involved” like Nigerians love to say.

Pep Guadiola & wife

Pep Guadiola & wife

However, it is important to note that the agents are very important when it comes to negotiations. In football, the agents always work in favour of the players, they seeks a new team for the player, negotiate contracts, and manages the player welfare. In 2005, before Mikel Obi signed for Chelsea he already signed for Manchester united, had a jersey number and was laughing like a 6year old the parents bought a bucket of ice cream for in one of his press conference but his agent Mr John Ola Shittu claimed he signed the deal under duress, he encourage Mikel to go to the court of arbitration for sports, he did and won the case, so he instead signed for Chelsea where he still plays currently although yet to score a premier league goal for Chelsea. That is what the football agents do, so for young footballers with agents that looks after their interest the sky is their limit. In relationship, agents can be friends, parents, uncles, or aunties depending on the stage of your relationship. Like during scouting of your girl your friends mostly act as agents but in marriage introductions or rites your parents, uncles or aunties serve as agents.

Now after the scouting, negotiations, and all the intrigues leading up to a club getting a player or a guy gets a girl, the next stage is marriage. I bet you don’t need any special skills to say I do especially when he is a rich dude or massive football club. Now, that the club has signed their target, what happens next? Now that she has said yes to your marriage proposal, what happens next? Let’s find out together. (Still more to come…watch out!)


Ezeali Isaac Chijioke 

Written by Ezeali Isaac Chijioke- A creative writer and seasoned sport analyst, who finds pleasure in talking sports objectively. You can watch him on Sports Bit on Super Screen Television or read his creative write ups here on jennyspot. Follow the author on facebook and on twitter.