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So many ladies are in a relationship with the wrong person, for the right reason…marriage. But the truth of the matter is that, once your in a wrong one, especially with the wrong person, it can never get right. Year in year out, you keep wondering and hoping when the occasion will come for him to pop the BIG  question…and he just never does!

So ladies, here are some clear signs he won’t be asking that ‘million dollar’ question:

  1. You have been dating this man for a few months and he avoids introducing you to his family members and friends as his girlfriend.
  2. Even though it smell all over him that he’s cheating on you with evidence on his text messages, emails and phone chats, he doesn’t bother to hide them from you. This shows how much he disrespects you and careless about your emotions.
  3. The only time he begs you to come around is when he wants you to come warm his bed or prepare food for him. Other times, he rejects your visiting under the pretense that he isn’t home or is badly busy.
  4. When he nags on every single step you take or word you utter. The only time he acts nice is when he wants to make love to you or wants to ask you for a favor.
  5. He doesn’t buy you gifts no matter how little, but yet you get to see call cards he sends to someone else or receipt of gift items he has purchased for someone else.
  6. He clearly introduces you as a FRIEND rather than a GIRLFRIEND to his family, colleagues and friends even though they all keep seeing you both together.
  7. He doesn’t trust you enough to leave you in his apartment alone while he goes out or travels out of town. You will notice, he’ll always tell you to accompany him…even if he’s going two blocks away for his haircut or the pharmacy store. It clearly shows he has no trust for you.
  8. He doesn’t deem it fit to give you a treat once a while even when you always sacrifice your time cleaning his house, cooking his meals and warming his bed.
  9. He totally avoids talking to you about his future plans or troubles. it shows he doesn’t see you as being a part of his future or someone to comfort him during the time of his troubles.

He totally avoids meeting one-on-one with your family members and close friends. He doesn’t want to get familiar with them so that it wouldn’t be difficult to blot away when he is tired of you.