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Love is not just a feeling it is a decision we make and stand by because feelings come and go but for you to stay in marriage as confessed during your wedding rituals for better for worst, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, it takes a great deal of decision making to overcome circumstances in marriage. Arsenal football club readily comes to mind, they’ve gone 8years without winning any major trophy under coach Arsene “Baba Ijebu” Wenger yet when you go to Arsenal’s home ground “D EMIRATE” to watch a match you see a big bold banner “IN ARSENE WE TRUST” that shows great love from everyone involved with Arsenal club from the coach’s assistants, ex-players, management, and fans. For them it is more than just a feeling, it is a decision they are ready to stand by, just imagine a couple still searching for their first child after eight long years yet they stay together in happiness and faith, just feelings cannot keep them that long. At Chelsea football club England, patience is rare, the owner Roman Ambrohimhovic acts according to how he feels so that explains the change in coaches since he arrived the club in 2003 until date (2013), eight in total so far. In marriages where love is based on feelings there are high possibilities of separation or divorce like we’ve seen with Chelsea down the years.

Life is beautiful when it is lived in the right way and sometimes situations revolves around things we can relate to, like politics in government can be found in family, loyalty in the office to your boss can be related to your love for a particular product or brand but for me everything revolves around football. Falling in love with football was easy because of the beautiful way it is played and the emotion it evolves, I know you’ll want to ask; does beautiful include teams like stoke, park the bus Chelsea of old or the rugged Italian league of old? not exactly but part of the whole I guess or like we say in Nigeria “all join”.

I want to take you on a ride on the similarities of Marriage and Football, now fasten your seat belts as we travel on this exciting journey: (watch out for the next edition of this series)

Ezeali Isaac Chijioke

Ezeali Isaac Chijioke

Written by Ezeali Isaac Chijioke- A creative writer and seasoned sport analyst, who finds pleasure in talking sports objectively. You can watch him on Sports Bit on Super Screen Television or read his creative write ups here on jennyspot. Follow the author on facebook and on twitter.