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It is a known fact that most guys usually shut down immediately after sex. I most point out here that I used the word MOST because not all men go through that experience. Oh yes, some don’t…they are exhausted after the act, but they stay awake to cuddle, talk, smush, and do any other romantic/sexy thing which he and his partners are game for. For the benefit of this write up, let’s concentrate on those guys that usually leave their women hanging while they move on to sleep.

According to recent scientific research, these men can’t help but fall asleep straight after indulging in sexual activity because their brains are ordering them to do so. Scientists  have claimed the male brain is programmed to switch off after Orgásm. In contrast, women stay alert so are more likely to be left staring at the ceiling in frustration.

Men were scanned during and after climax and it was found that the entire cerebral cortex, the brain’s “thinking” part, shut down during orgásm. Then two other areas, the cingulate cortex and amygdala, triggered the deactivation of all sexual desire.

For women it seems to be different. Women do not have such a strong refractory period – which is a recovery phase when the body calms down. That leaves them wondering why their partners have lost all interest when they want more of it.