Dear diary,

I lost  my previous blog  account (micable.wordpress.com) on Tuesday after I posted a picture of a sachet water. Seriously speaking, I can’t explain what it felt like when I was immediately told that my account has been deactivated for violating one the numerous policies guiding the site. The first thing that crossed my mind…when I could bring myself to think…was the fact that it was that same yesterday that I read a fellow blogger’s post on certain things he has learnt as a blogger since the closure of his own account.

According to him, his site which he has been operating for about a year or so was shut down…also for violating certain policy…just like mine…and during that semi-dazed hour, he took time off to reflect on certain things which he wrote on and also gave out three most important things he has come to learn as a blogger. I know you all want to know what those things are…I surely will let you in on it, but for now, chill and keep reading.

Just like the blogger, the first thing I did was to look for the said policy and go through it meticulously and I discovered that ‘my bad’ was that I posted something that was thought to be some advertisement of some sort which led to the immediate temporal deactivation of my blog. After reading through, I decided to send them a mail explaining myself and my intent on that post…which was intended to be a JOKE.

Out of love of sharing information, I couldn’t wait for their reply…which usually takes about 24 hours…so i decided to open this blog (just in case I don’t get the other one )  so as to keep interacting  with you guys as that’s one of the things that keeps my sane…on some days. Micagist has been worth the effort since creating it and I must say you guys and been wonderful to have been patient enough to visit this site despite my brief posts yesterday. Thanks everyone and please, do continue to visit.

Right now I don’t know what am going to do with the old blog as I now have this one. And I must confess, the responses here has been breadth-taking thereby making decision a little difficult for me. Maybe I’ll leave that two you guys to decide for me through your welcomed  comments, critique and pointers.

One thing this brief break has taught me is the fact that I (we all) have to make sure we read through all policies, rules/regulations of anything we want to venture into so as not to be caught off-guard…as in my case. Now to the blogger’s lesson: 1) Endeavor to read every policy/contract before taking that bold step. 2) Make sure your blog attends to the needs of people. Yes there are so many blog site around which tends to make fresh hands terrified of venturing into it. But the truth of the matter is that you don’t need to be scared of trying something because you fell lots of people are already doing it and people might not get to give you the attention you crave for. Rather, what you should do is make available to people what you know will be of benefit and of interest to them instead of doing same thing everyone seem to be doing. Make your site unique by doing something other ain’t doing. 3) Always make it a point of duty to visit, like and comment on other people’s blog. that way, people feel relevant to you and will be encouraged to also visit your blog.